Discipling the Body

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Habits, Pathways and Love

But something more grew out of this. Running of course changed my body and opened my mind in many ways. It has given me the physical, mental and emotional capacity to endure substantial struggles with all sorts of issues because it is a physiological reminder that I can endure and persevere through exhaustion, fear, anger, physical sickness, bad weather, bad drivers, unfriendly city people, and even low blood sugars that lead to loss of body and mind function (I’m a type 1/juvenile diabetic). But I run now, not because it is a duty, or requirement, but because I desire it. Because I love it. Even in the midst of struggle, I know that running forms the space and time to receive healing and that brings joy and, it most especially brings patience that is just, I think, starting to lead to a mustard seed of wisdom.

A wonderful meditation, by friend Katie, on the connection between running, theology, and the church. Katie is an ordained Anglican Priest, currently working towards her PhD.

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