Discipling the Body



1234072_408163515962456_776624494_n So, who do I say I am? Jesus asked his disciples that question (Matthew 16:13-20) and he got a much cooler response then I’ll give. My name is Andrew and I am late-30’s husband and father to a wonderful son. I’m currently working on my second career as an Admissions Counsellor/Recruiter for a private Christian University in Toronto, Canada. I am a recovering self-doubter, self-hater, and fat guy. I hated sports when I was younger and did everything I could not to participate. I was very much a Ioner, so that combined with my lack of coordination, didn’t make me want to take part in sports, let alone team sports. I am a Christian, a husband, father, an occasional preacher, runner, cyclist, and swimmer. I am a duathlete, a triathlete, a reader, a writer, and someone who enjoys good food. These haven’t always gone together. In fact, for all of my adult life I have been overweight. At my heaviest I tipped the scale at almost 300lbs (292lbs). As of today I weigh 256.5.5lbs and am aiming to get down to 200. 10294253_515736398538500_2098233271138776293_n

I am trying my best to turn the page on health, including eating better and increasing my physical fitness level. I generally follow the paleo eating regime, but also pay attention to the plant powered community. I’m not an evangelist for any particular way of eating. I do what I think makes sense based on my research.

I’ll write more later about my specific goals, but I’m committed to getting healthy. Healthy for me, my family, and in particular in obedience to the one who ultimately gives me life, Jesus Christ. I hope you enjoy the site and I hope you’ll interact either in the comments or by email. Blessings, Andrew

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