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Deep Work: The perils and possibilities of social media

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One of my favourite authors and thinkers is a scientist named Cal Newport. He’s written several books, but the two that have resonated with me are a great career book called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” and a book on how to truly do your best work titled “Deep Work”. His latter book and follow-up blog posts are large reason that I’ve finally deleted (not deactivated) by Facebook and Instagram accounts (I still have Messenger and twitter for the time being).

Get the book and read it for yourself, or read these great blog posts:

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Alexander Hamilton’s Deep Work Habits

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Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media

On Digital Minimalism

I (nor Cal) am not saying social media can’t be useful. My wife uses it all the time to buy and sell children’s items at a great discount. There are many groups that are provide valuable information and connection. For most people however, I venture to say that there is little real value.

I have considered one day restarting my account and not having any friends. Just having it for the purpose of being part of certain groups. But, I fear the temptation would be too great for how my mind works. I’m very all or nothing, not great at achieving moderation.

As I said, I have kept Messenger because it does provide a convenient way to stay in touch with friends. I have also kept twitter for the time being for a very specific purpose, but it too can go at any time.

Do a serious audit of what you use social media for and the opportunity/cost is to your life. We all have the same amount of time available to us. Will you use it to do your best work, or take in more low calorie information?

I still have those moments when I think of something funny or interesting to post, but this was life before social media. You perhaps sent an email, or saved it to tell someone the next day. Or you just laughed and forgot about it.

You do need time to relax, we can’t be serious all the time. I spend too much time on Netflix, but we all must have our vices.

Hope you enjoy the articles.

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