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ProTip: Don’t use SSO

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A quick post to highlight a potential problem with leaving Facebook (or any other social media site). Many apps and websites offer the option or the requirements to create a user account to use that service. On more and more apps and websites, you now have the option of using your social media logins as what’s known as a Single Sign On (SSO).

The benefit is that it’s quick and skips the step of having to verify your email address and it automatically sets you up to share your data to those sites. The downside is that if you ever leave those social networks, your SSO will no longer work. I have a number of apps on my phone that I have previously used SSO for. I haven’t contacted the app maker to see if my user account can be associated with my email address and thus avoiding the loss of historical data, I instead have opted to simply created new accounts. I don’t really care what run I did a year ago, so loosing that data, for me, is no big deal.

So, here’s my recommendation: Don’t use SSO. It will just make it harder to leave social media if should so choose. It takes an extra minute to sign up with an email account. You can do it. I have faith in you.

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