Discipling the Body

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My friend Lindsey sent me an email about my departure from Facebook. It read in part:

I love that you have a facebook disconnect countdown. But really, why bring it back when your son is born. I challenge you over the next 50 days to find ways to share your ups and downs with another audience (not social media) to get stronger, more personalized feedback that you won’t need to rejoin facebook to gain the gratification of likes or comments. Thinking of ya!

Well Lindsey, challenge accepted! That is of course, mostly the point. What will I replace it with. For that matter, how much time will I discover I have been spending on social media that I can now spend on other pursuits?

Over the next many days, I want to relax, see what I notice about my time and about the world around me. What interests and passions do I want to pursue more of? What opportunities will present themselves and what will I learn about myself?

So far, I’ve noticed that I don’t miss it much. I really don’t. Every so often I stare at my iPhone, expecting a notification to be waiting for me. Finding nothing I move on with my day. What this tells me is that I don’t miss the actual content, it’s the spark of chemically induced happiness caused by a notification, that I miss.

So, first thing I’ve learned: I’ve gained some more time and some more peace. So, 2 days in, it’s going well.

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