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I love creatives

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I love people who create, the creatives. Whether it’s music, painting, photography, drama, singing, playing music, or creating a new product, I am inspired by it all. Whether it’s creating and raising an amazing family or cultivating a beautiful spirit, I love people who take an idea, and put something into the world for others to use, admire, or enjoy. Creatives keep the world interesting, beautiful, and inspiring. Creators challenge our perceptions and move us forward. They offer temporary relief to stress and can even lead us out of dark places. They can help explore both the dark and light sides of the human experience and can raise us to the sublime or help us see our worst sides.

I have a 9 month old son, and even he creates. He creates joy. Joy at his growth, his constant learning, his perseverance. I marvel as he creates joy inside my wife and I and the joy to come. I look forward to pinning his creations to our fridge and watching him in the school play as he becomes a snowman or a tree with his acting.

Creators amaze me. Whether it’s my friends who put out amazing albums, going to see the great musicals, or comedians who make me laugh.

I believe that this love of creators is inherently tied to the ultimate creator; God. Jesus Christ. The one who created the heavens and the earth and all within. I love moving water, trees, the wind blowing through leaves, inspiring music itself. I love rocks in all their cooperative diversity, and leaves in their carefree flight.

I also love to create. I’m not as good as many, though I suppose I’m better than many. Whether it’s my writing, my photography, or something else, I love to create. If I go very long with out creating, I get antsy and feel unsettled. I am driven to create, to somehow draw me closer to the divine.

I’ve always felt like there was one big idea that I was meant to create. One big idea that was given to me by God to cultivate. My heart and spirit are restless with this feeling. I’ve always had an interest in starting a business, though I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to make the leap. I do think it’s inevitable that one day I might end up working for myself, or at least in a situation of uncommon independence in a company. My wife has previously seen a convergence between the idea of running my own business and my desire to write.

I do actually have the germ of an idea, but not sure where to go with it or what it means. Of course, the inner critic speaks and tells me not to proceed. I have to silence it, which is something I’ve gotten better over the years.

Some more thinking is needed. Mind you, that can lead to procrastination, so it needs to be constructive, productive thinking. I love creators and hope I can one day make something truly awesome. For now, I’ll stick with helping to raise an amazing little boy, and supporting an even more amazing wife.

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