Discipling the Body

My Why: 13 reasons (and counting) why I want and need to get healthy

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If you’re going to make any significant life change, you need to come up with pretty compelling reasons, as to why it matters to you. These reasons are the only things that are going to get your through the rough patches, and keep you moving forward.

Any worthwhile book on health and fitness, will address this questions. An excellent one is Way of the Seal and from the business world, Start with Why.

1. My wife wants and needs me to stick around as long as possible. She loves me and worries about me. She needs me to help raise our son.
2. Our son needs his father to help teach him about God, and love and respect. He needs to know me.
3. I have so much more to see, do, and give to my family, friends, and the world
4. I want to be able to save my own life
5. I want to be able to jump, run, twist, turn, pull up, push up swim, bike, run and do anything I want to with my body.
6. I want to be able to participate in any sport/event I wish. Like this or this.
7. I want to show everyone that has encouraged me, believed in me, and not given up on me, that there efforts have not been in vain. It shall be rewarded.
8. I don’t want Aidan to see failure in his father, but success. Indeed to teach him perseverance and success.
9. Success at weight loss will inherently bring improved self-image which will improve other aspects of my life
10. Travel season gets harder the less fit I am, so I need to increase my fitness so I have to spend less time recovering
11. To think more clearly, listen more effectively at work and home
12. To inspire others that it is possible to get healthy amidst a busy schedule
13. Any excuse for a party. Let’s celebrate!

What are your reasons? #fitdad

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