Discipling the Body

Patience and weight loss

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1327581841 change for the impatient


I have a friend who is working on his PhD at the moment. He’s been at it for so long, he’s running out of patience. His topic? Ironically, the patience of God.

Pretty much any attempt at a significant change in your life is going to take time and weight loss is certainly no different. Changing your eating habits, engaging in different movement patterns, rearranging your schedule, learning how to say “no” to all sorts of things, people, and events; this all takes time, attention, and energy.

I have been actively battling my weight for at least a decade. I’ve had success, but always loose focus and gain the weight back (and then some). I don’t do crash diets, I just loose focus and don’t change my habits enough, or set up appropriate guard rails against gaining the weight back. It can bring up emotions of overwhelm, self-doubt, impatience, despair and a desire to just throw my hands up and say “to hell with it”.

When we get in this place, our very helpful brains focus our attention on all the things we haven’t done or done properly. It loves to drag us down.

Here a some quick tips that I try and use when I get in this dark place. They aren’t really quick fixes, but if you practice them consistently, they should start to take effect with more speed.

  • Remember, that our inherent self worth, is not tied to how much you weigh or how you look. Your self-worth comes from God as one created in His image. Attempting to improve our health, honours that aspect of your identity.
  • Focus on what you’ve done right. If you’ve kept a journal (and you should), where you have recorded successes along the way, you can focus on those, instead of what your brain is telling you are failures
  • Review your goals and remember why you are doing this. If necessary, rewrite your goals to make them more effective

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