Discipling the Body

Refocusing my goals

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I’m going to have to change up my fitness goals, at least in the near term. Time and energy won’t allow me to do the goal-oriented training I had planned.

I need to focus instead on performance gains, especially in the area of my core and back strength. My son is around 20lbs now and I have had a bad back for a long time. This means I can only carry him for so long before I have to change positions or put him down.

That kind of sucks. I need to be fitter for him and so I can more equitably share the load with my wife.

So, this week begins an informal training program if increasing my core strength as well my cardiovascular capacity. I’ve gone so far backwards that I get winded just going up two flights of stairs. Frankly, it’s maddening. I worked hard for my previous gains and in slowly loosing them.

I’ve gained 10-15lbs, my cardio capacity is declining and my back strength is weakening.

Time to focus on functional training that a father needs, as opposed to a triathlete (I’ll get back to those goals later).

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