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So, I posted my 2014 race schedule yesterday on my blog. 2 Half-marathons and 3 Triathlons of varying distances. I’ve never been nearly that ambitious in my athleticism before.

You know what happens when you do that?
First – you feel pretty awesome that you did it
Second – you freak out when you realize that you did it
Third – your support team calms you down and keeps you focussed.

Triathlon and Running are often seen as solo sports. I suppose they can be, but no one who does well, does so alone. They have a team of people, coaches, other athletes, loved ones, teaching them, pushing them, and believing in them.

I have a recently hired Triathlon coach who I think is really going to help me up my game. More importantly though is the group of people I have around me. My spouse and my friends. Smart, focussed, determined, driven people, all of them. This isn’t a group of yes-men or yes-women, but a group that will support me and cheer me on.

One of my closest friends gave me a button today that read “I’m awesome (and so are you)”. I often tell others the awesomeness I see in them, but I’m not so great at seeing it in myself. So, this button is to serve as a reminder to not think negative thoughts. To honestly evaluate failure as what it is: an object, not a person. Figure out what went wrong, fix it, and move on.

I am thankful to so many people for believing in me and helping me move on the path to health. So, to my wife Pam, my son Aidan, my friends Fréyja, Katie, Michael, Elizabeth, Graham, Deanne, Lindsey, Liam, Leighton, and Natalie, thank you for supporting me through this. And to all the people I shamefully just forgot to list, thanks to you as well.

Jesus had his disciples and when he left, he established the Church as a way for them to relate to each other and carry out his mission. True, individual Apostles went out on their individuals missions, but they always did so as part of the larger team. So to the same applies for athleticism. It starts and ends with a team. I may have to do the work, but I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do it without their constant encouragement.

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