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Race report: MEC 5K Turned ankle, jelly legs, and a PB!

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I did a 5K today. My second this year (and in a while). It was organized by MEC Toronto and held at a downtown park popular with runners, cyclist, and dog walkers. It proceeded out 2.5kms along a shared paved path that is largely flat except for one part that is a gentle incline before you turn around and go downhill returning thereafter to even ground.

It was a frigid cold morning, but by the time the race began, while I was still cold I could move just fine. The 5K runners were the last wave to go, with 15 and 10k’ers going at 15min intervals prior to us. It was a beautiful day to run alongside the lakseshore overlooking Lake Ontario. Thankfully the rain and snow stayed away.

The first kilometre for me was hard. I started out fast, probably a little too fast, and had to eventually slow down. My starting pace was 6:30min/km but went down to 7:22min/km for the second km. I wear a fuel belt with room for 4 bottles. I used to only carry two, but have learned through training that I need three to get me through a 5k run. I went through 2.5 flasks on this run, so yay for learning from training.

Kilometre 3 was relatively uneventful and marked the turn around to the finish. My pace was 7:15min/km so a title faster then Km2.

Kilometre 4 & 5 were the hardest. I was running out steam. I stopped to walk more than I would have liked (I don’t like to stop period), Stopping to walk was a strange experience. My legs were really wobbly. I’ve never experienced that after a run. Certainly, after a run and a bike, but never during a run. At one point I was running too close to the edge of the pavement and went over on my ankle onto the grassy sides. I yelled a bit, hopped a bit, and then walked bait. Deciding nothing was likely broken, I decided to run on it and see what happened.

Km4: 7:58min/km.

Km5: 7:27min/km

Once I realized how close to the finish I was, I was committed to running the rest of it. I just can’t walk in front of spectators. The picture above was taken by my wife, just seconds from crossing the finish line.

Total time: 36:30 (unofficial – we had timing chips, but the times have not been posted yet).

The best part of today’s race, was while I was running, I had an app playing in my ear, tracking my progress. At each kilometre it would tell me my overall pace and my split pace. I knew I was going faster than I had on the previous Friday during a training run.

My last 5k training run was 45mins long, so I beat that soundly. My last competition 5k 37:24, so I beat that by almost a minuteMy first ever PB!


* I started my timer 30 seconds before race start, hence why I say my PB is almost a minute, and not 23 seconds as would seem from the time above.

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