Discipling the Body

Listen to your engine!

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I wanted to pull out some great advice from my post yesterday. It isn’t my advice, but my trainer friend:

Listen to the engine not the fatigue or emotions. When you want to stop, check in with your heart and your legs; if both are working fine, you can keep going.

Far too often we listen to the wrong part of our body. We get tired so we stop. We get emotional so we snack on food that doesn’t fuel our engine.

Listen to the engine. Is your stomach telling you you’re hungry or is your brain trying to trick you?

When it comes to food we often treat it like it’s 90% reward and 10% fuel. It needs to be the other way around: use food to fuel your body and once in a while treat yourself. Doing it the other way around makes you overweight and unhappy – that’s why you keep trying to reward yourself; to make yourself happy.

Happy for me is feeling fit and knowing I’ll be around for my soon to be born son and my wife. You have to think long term not short term.

So, yes, listen to your body, but listen to the right parts of your body at the right times. 

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