Discipling the Body

I did what? Finding limits so you can destroy them!!

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A selfie today after my run.

I went running today. My program called for 30 minutes.

I normally do a walk/run program and the longest I’ve run without stopping is around 5 minutes.

Today… I did 47 minutes!

47 FREAKING MINUTES!!!! … 6.1 kilometres according to GPS.

I have never done anything like that before. In my past triathlons, which have 5k runs, I’ve always mostly walked. I hated running. I won’t say I love it now, but I’m certainly greatly encouraged.

How did I do it? I have no freaking clue. Well, I have a little bit of clue.

First, I was in great mental state. I had a job interview this morning that went really, really well. I got back on track with my diet yesterday and am just generally in a more engaged frame of mind. I decided to stop using my Couch-to-5k app because I just wanted to run until I need to take a break and then repeat.

My trainer friend gave me some great advice: Listen to the engine not the fatigue or emotions. When you want to stop, check in with your heart and your legs; if both are working fine, you can keep going. So true. That’s what I did.

Now, granted, some of the run was on a slight downhill (though not a lot) and I’m still jogging not running, but… baby steps. I calculated that my running was about 33% faster than my walking (that’s not a scientific measurement mind you).

A few times I got a stitch in my side and in the past, I would have stopped; but this time I just kept going. I held it with my hand and made sure to slow down and take some deep breaths, but I didn’t stop. I kept giving myself some milestones such as “keep running until that pole, etc. I never actually stopped though.

I drank a Vega Pre-Workout Energizer drink (which apparently certified against having any WADA banned substances) before I went running, so that may have been an advantage. I also had some good tunes (U2) and gave myself pep talks – out loud – as I went along. Seriously, out loud! “Come on Andrew, we’ve got a race to win, don’t stop now!“. I would shadow box, raise my arms in victory and let myself laugh out loud as I realized what an accomplishment today was.

The only reason I stopped was that I had to a) walk home at some point to make dinner and b) my hip flexors were starting to get quite sore and I was clearly starting to slow down, so I decided to stop at 47 minutes. I was hoping to make it to 60 minutes if not longer, but my goodness, the guy who has never gone longer than 5 minutes and maybe 2kms in 30 mins of walk/run, just went 47 minutes over 6.1kms!!!!

I’m very sore, but I’ve rolled myself out. I’m looking forward to a couple days of soreness.

Tomorrow I have a 400m swim workout and a 40min Bike on Thursday, and a Swim 300/Run 60 on Friday.

Limits are meant to be challenged and broken.

How are you doing with your swimming or your cycling or your running? Are you sure that’s the best you can do? Can you try? Go a little longer or a little faster and see how you’re doing. I’m still overweight, but my cardio-respiratory system is clearly getting more fit and more efficient.

Keep moving forward! Find your limits so you can DESTROY THEM!

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